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Reporting to the Casthouse Manager, the position covers the responsibility of the process management of the Castouse operation, involving in the process improvement shift supervisors and operation crews.

He drives the casthouse processes in the melting, refining, homogenization packing and sawing area. The position shall make analysis of the process, provide routine reports and approach by Root Cause Analysis criteria, poor process performances and areas of the processes where potential improvements are identified.

The position shall ensure the alignment of the operation activities with the Best Practices in terms of Quality and Safety, and facilitate the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedure.

The position shall support the Casthouse manager in the direct management of the process equipment supplier during construction, quality testing and installation.

Main Duties

 Direct manage the process of the Melting area as well as the homogenization and the sawing area.
 Manage Production flow from the Molten Metal receiving to the finished good billets.
 Supervise Equipment efficiency and ensure that routines of preventive maintenance are performed by the maintenance team.
 Supervise consumable needs and establish requirements plan vs. product mix.
 Coordinating with local and international suppliers to develop specifications, review technical proposals and provide assistance in selecting right spare part equipment and packages solution.
 Spare part coding and Min – Max identification in coordination with the procurement department.
 Closely work with the procurement department to identify broken stock contingency plan.
 Organize trials vs. new spare part brand, and evaluate outcomes.
 Supervise Production planning and guarantee the scheduled maintenance is performed.
 Organize contingency plan in case of production delay, re-establishing priorities in cooperation with the Extrusion Department.
 Organize help chain for equipment faults, Implement root cause analysis concept as a systematic approach vs. diagnosis faults.
 Drive the management of maintenance of the tooling (casting table and ancillaries) including analysis of scrap generated and scientific approach at the countermeasures.
 Supervise tooling technicians and operators in the maintenance schedule, tools and mold preparation.
 Facilitate the respect of the HS rules, the implementation of the procedures for Molten Metal, Mobile Equipment, Fall prevention, LOTOV, Confined Space and the implementation of the Leading practices such as risk notification, event recording and investigation.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2014-04-21
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Other
Company Industry: Manufacturing and Production; Manufacturing

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma

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